About us


Our logo has been carefully crafted and expresses our core intentions powering the business. UR CFO in its simplicity reads out as “Your CFO” or “We are your CFO”. Our intentions behind starting this business has been clear, we cater to all functionalities related to being a CFO of any organisation we work with.

CFO or Chief Financial Officer is any person appointed to ensure financial activities and operations in an organisation are under check and that the financial growth is stable, ecological, and scalable. We perform the duties of a CFO that ensures the graph of financial growth keeps increasing upwards for your organisation. Mind you, that takes into consideration, the increasing cost of operations, increasing costs etc and external marketplace irregularities. We work as a full-time CFO, comprising of a team of experts at the cost of one!

Our colour scheme reflects our core focus areas, while the yellow signifies the happiness and cheer we bring to the table, the blue we chose speaks of our dynamism, agility and ability to adapt and structure ourselves as per your requirements. Blue is symbolically also a colour signifying trust and reliability, which we develop and maintain at all costs with our clients.

Greetings from UR CFO!

We are a leading Financial Advisory and Management Firm. We are a team of industry experts, senior leaders, and a panel of highly qualified Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s). We provide end-to-end finance-based solutions that ensure your organisational growth, stability, and scalability. We have a wide-range of financial services that do justice to all classes of requirements at your end. We work on an overall basis covering each and every aspect of your financial operations and optimise the same for best-suited results. We work with extensive planning and provide on point management for your organisation’s financial affairs. Developing financial budgets, communicating with banking and insurance partners, stakeholder management, advising executives on strategic financial matters, leading new investment initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, capital Expenditures (CapEx) management, private equity funding, IPO’s, etc. and all initiatives related to company finances are catered to by us.

While having an in-house CFO is beneficial, we provide a team of CFO’s who work towards your organisational growth, which helps us provide more integrated and better optimised solutions. Our team comprises of experienced and qualified CA, CS, cost accountants, investment bankers, legal professionals, management graduates and more. Together we work towards fostering your growth.

We work with organisations across all sectors and industries, and at whatever scale of operations you are at currently. We help start-ups become MNC’s and global companies compete in becoming market leaders. Our model of operations includes constant support and advisory that facilitates better decision making and thereby better growth. We identify the existing gaps and loopholes in the system and ensure all cogs of the wheel work in perfect sync. Our solutions are integrated in nature and customised for your organisation, as per your goals and objectives, we thereby help you achieve your financial missions and visions. Our outsource model for financial operations was curated to help businesses focus on their core and enhancing other operations while we have the financial operations streamlined and secure.

Partner with us Today and secure your financial future and operations! Your growth is our Motto!


The story for how and why we started the business

At UR CFO, we perform twofold CFO functions – overseeing organisations financial activities and serve as a strategic advisory role for the CEO and C-Suite peers. We specialise in meeting revenue and earning goals and keeping cash flows stable. We also provide advice to department heads across the organisation, assisting them in both maximising revenues as well as controlling expenses without affecting the company’s reputation adversely. We sport a skilled finance team, which allows us to streamline work with varied departments and to allocate suitable budget for human capital management. As a CFO functionality, we put complex data — current, past and predicted financial results — in perspective and help the CEO make sound financial decisions: Should we introduce this new product or service? Can we afford to on-shore our supply chain? What are the tax implications of our employees working from anywhere?

Finance and business leaders rank success factors and how those priorities have changed over time. At UR CFO, being in sync with industry changes and updates, we do the same effortlessly and bring you a larger picture perspective that allows you to streamline business operations.

We perform in three broad functional areas: controller, treasury and strategy and forecasting.



“ We help to run day-to-day accounting and financial operations and often assign a CPA or MBA qualified member of our team to oversee the same. We are responsible for creating reports that provide insights into a company's financial standing, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and payroll.”


" As a treasurer we assume responsible for the company's liquidity, debt and assets. That includes any investments the company may have, whether physical assets, such as buildings and equipment, or financial investments."

Strategy & forecasting

"Strategy and forecasting involves using available data and reports, both internal and external, to advise on areas including product development, market expansion, human capital management, M&A, and capital investments. It’s also where structured planning and forecasting exercises, like scenario planning and FP&A, fall."

Accounting For Your
Business’s Success.

Because you can’t have a well managed business without
well managed money.

In addition, UR CFO provides for internal development of the following in organisations:

Risk assessment and management,

In terms of regulatory compliance but also the dangers that arise from too much debt and too little liquidity, brittle supply chains, improperly hired contractors and poorly implemented technology.

Growth experience

Gleaned from helping previous employers successfully expand, whether organically or via M&A, is invaluable to CEOs, especially those looking to take their companies public. UR CFO helps find investment opportunities and use capital wisely.

Leadership skills

That enable them to assemble a successful finance and accounting team. CFOs understand at what point a company needs to add, for example, a tax specialist and will define roles and assign responsibilities. As your CFO, we assemble the strong finance team for you and support it with ours. We ensure that financial operations attain due automation and are dependence free. We also ensure that due leadership for the same is developed.

Industry knowledge

That enables a company to benchmark itself against peers. There’s a reason B2C often seek to hire CFOs away from competitors, as Netflix did when it hired Activision’s finance chief. Same for manufacturers and healthcare providers. Specialized expertise is key in framing KPIs and metrics for various company types. We provide the same for organisations we work with. We form a hand-n-glove experience for the same.

We solve the recurrent challenges faced by a CFO in a seamless manner. Today's CFOs face challenges on multiple fronts, even as they benefit from ongoing technological advances and the ability to analyse and forecast based on massive amounts of data. We help solve the following challenges that a CFO faces:

1. Juggling too many responsibilities (51%)

As we've seen, this role is a broad and expanding one. A growing regulatory landscape, rapidly evolving technology and massive market shifts worldwide squeeze CFOs from one side, while difficulty finding and retaining the right accounting and finance talent adds pressure from a time-management POV.

All organizations need runway but maintaining a healthy cash flow is a balancing act. CFOs must manage both incoming revenues and accounts receivables while keeping an eye on outgoing payments and short- and long-term liability. Cash flow analysis is an ongoing endeavour.

Like cash flow analysis, scenario analysis is, or should be, an ongoing process. By guiding thorough analysis of the potential impacts of a variety of economic conditions on the organization’s revenues, CFOs can plan for both positive and negative outcomes.

Timely reporting has always been critical, but in a fast-paced global business environment, access to information is the foundation of sound, strategic decisions and identifying and avoiding risks. Moreover, the reports issued by the finance team, like P&L statements, can make or break efforts to obtain financing.

CFOs are aided in their roles by increasingly sophisticated technology that can help with both reporting and forecasting, including dashboards with built-in business intelligence. But tech represents a significant investment in both capital and human resources.


Companies that look at the CFO role as more about reporting, less about strategy are or will soon be at a disadvantage. Yes, finance chiefs need to ensure that they and the management team have timely data to support decisions. But strategic planning and collaboration across all parts of the business are what drive success. Thus, it’s no wonder that CFO surveys consistently show that evolution. Especially in small and midsize businesses, CFOs tend to wear many hats. Not only are they doing the traditional CFO job, but they’re also assessing cyber security risks, managing system and data integration, filling talent needs and evaluating new technologies like Blockchain and AI.


  • Is your organisation beginning to pursue a growth strategy
    If so, you’ll need deep insights into P&L, income, and cash flow statements. Who will look at the books if you spot an acquisition opportunity
    Banks and other potential investors like having a CFO attest to accuracy and completeness. Oh, and have you calculated your valuation multiples lately
  • Does your organisation have a sound, repeatable planning, and budgeting process If not, you lack a firm financial foundation. Ad hoc is no way to run a business.
  • Is your organisation using your data fully, and not just in the obvious areas For example, are we mining ecommerce data to inform customer success programs At UR CFO we tend to champion data use.
  • Does your organisation feel confident in financial reporting requirements For example, were intangible assets impaired due to the economic downturn
    If so, how will you account for that
  • Are you covered with your industry-specific considerations For many manufacturers, retailers and distributors, the pandemic revealed weaknesses in supply chain operations that an experienced CFO can help address.
  • CFO compensation in public companies is typically a mix of cash and stock. In both public and private businesses, remuneration is based on a number of factors, from company size and industry to geography, experience, seniority and how many finance/accounting divisions or departments report in to the CFO. In 2021, the highest-paid CFO by a wide margin was Goldman Sachs’ Stephen Scherr, at $20.2 million total comp. Among all companies, U.S. CFO pay as of early 2021 averaged $394,235, according to Salary.com data. But at smaller companies, pay hovers between $150,000 and $200,000, according to salary and job sites. Do you wish to minimise these costs for your organisation